Empty Days - animated extras

hand drawn game of life man and woman battle for supremacy Two Up - the Australian game of chance the routine and ritual of the commute

The Game

Snakes and ladders clone

This is deliberately reductionist, like the other work and limits the users options to the roll of a dice. It's a comment on games rather than a fulfilling gaming experience and it is a sketch, unfinished with more work to be done on it.

Battle of the sexes

Man versus woman

Another simple and non-interactive game based on London traffic where the cars and motorbikes wait at one set of lights to race to the next. With some stats. A gender battle.

Two Up

Australian game of chance

This is based on the very tedious yet very popular Australian game of two up. Someone throws two coins in the air and the punters bet on the outcome.

The Road to Work

Animated commuting ritual

Empty days IV was intended to go through four cycles of the day but I only got as far as finishing the breakfast scene. This is a sketch for how a dummy might travel to work.

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