Dane Watkins index of work

live data visualisations of energy consumptions and info graphics of weather patterns

Electric Footprint 2009-2012
Data visualisations
• Funded by Knowle West Media Centre, Science City Bristol, Bristol City Council and ACE.
Artist in residence at KWMC exploring how the live data of energy consumption and weather patterns can be visualised. Lead Artist on Whose Data? a series of residencies that explores new and innovative ways in which “live” data can be represented to benefit local people.


Dodo Survival Test- (web survey) 2011
How dead is your dodo?
• Funded by DodoLab, Canada.
Part of CU Expo 2011 conference designed to encourage dialogue among conference goers, assist John Lord of the Centre for Community Based Research on evaluating the state of community-based research and collaborating with ICASP on a performance-based evening of presentations.


animated survey

Blue Circles - (web survey) 2008
Are you a Blue Crcle or a red square?
• Funded by Render, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Ontario, Canada.
Blue Circles was developed in collaboration with Professor Marcel O'Gorman in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery.
The students at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery and the results ordered into league tables and posted on the notice boards.



animated dysfunction

Disorder - (web survey) 2007
An episodic survey of personality dysfunctions.
• Funded by Cywaith Cymru.
Galeri Caernarfon, Wales and the Spark radio show, CBC, Toronto have been surveyed.




deep drizzle weather

Partly Cloudy - (linear movie) 2007
Data visualization of weather condition codes.
• Funded by a New Eyes commission.
Shown at the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Taunton, UK.




officious animations

officious - (six screen installation) 2004
The sort of things you might find on a PDA.
• Produced during an exStream residency at Hull Time Based Arts.
• Shown at the EICH gallery, Hull 4.6.4 - 11.6.




autoerotic animations


autoerotic - (six screen installation) 2004
Animated objects in a cycle of self abuse.
• Funded by an Arts Council England - South West individual artist award.
• Produced at The Engine Room, Bridgwater and PVA MediaLab, Bridport, UK.
• Shown at The Watershed, Bristol 28.10.4 - 11.11.4.



zombie love story


The Call of the Dead - (web project, animated gif) 2007
An animated comic strip of a Zombie love story.
• Produced during a residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, USA
• A "Tugboat Presents:" promotion


eatmydata temporary tattoo



love match find the perfect partner

Love Match - (interactive movie for the Pocket PC) 2004
Find your perfect partner, because you can always do better.
• Produced during a Clark's Digital Bursary at The Watershed, Bristol.
• Key partners include Mobile Bristol and The University of the West of England.




empty days futile loop

Empty Days - (web project, Flash 5) 2003
An anti-film where the hero never gets the call to adventure.
• EMARE residency, 6th October until 6th December 2003.
• Produced at Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.
• Presented at d-motion, Halle, Germany.





interactive personality test

Target Art - (Perspex, computer, monitor) 2003
An interactive feedback and evaluation unit.
• Commissioned by Radiator 02.
• Installed in the foyer of Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.
• Shown at Prater in Berlin, June 2003, as part of the trampoline event.
• Shown at Stills gallery, Edinburgh, October to December 2003.




free animations for phone

Intimate Connections - (mobile phone animations, animated gif) 2005
The highs and lows of a relationship in a week of animated messages .
• Commissioned by Hull Time Based Arts.
• Distributed during gage05 festival.




mobile phone stories

Mobile Phone Stories - (mobile phone animations, Flash Lite) 2005
Love is met head on in a complex tangle of emotions.
• Produced during residency Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Japan.




personality specific animations

The Hippo's Skull - (mobile phone animations, Flash Lite) 2005
Get a free animation designed specifically for your personality.
• Produced during residency Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Japan.




archetype hero

The Hero's Journey - (mobile phone animations, animated gif) 2005
Animations optimized for the Japanese mobile phone network.
• Produced during residency Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Japan.




handy objects

Handy Hands - (web project, Flash 5) 2001
Some handy objects.
• Handycom was chosen as a Di-Da Web page for arteleku.net.
• Presented in the garage 2002 festival.
• Shown at LA Freewaves 2002.




animated portraits

Portraits - (double screen installation) 2004
Formal animated portraiture.
• Funded by an Arts Council England - South West individual artist award.
• Produced at The Engine Room, Bridgwater and PVA MediaLab, Bridport, UK.
• Presented at the LabCulture symposium.

http://eatmydata.co.uk/portraits/portrait1.swf 353 KB
http://eatmydata.co.uk/portraits/portrait2.swf 188 KB



free icons and animated gifs

ClipArt - (web project, html) 2002
Website of free gifs and animated gifs.
• Funded by South West Art.
• Matrix Reflective practioner bursary.
• Supported by PVA MediaLab, Bridport, UK.



free icons and animated gifs

Products - (web project, html) 2012
A catalogue of drawings



waiting for a bus

PassingTime - (web project, Flash 5) 2002
Slightly interactive web movie.
• Funded by and shown at ‘Burning Bush 2’ in Dundee.
• Co-funded by New Media Scotland.
• Shown at The Watershed, Bristol.





Clouds - (web project, Flash) 2009
What type of cloud are you?


free interactive jigsaws

Jigsaws - (web project, Flash 5) 2002
Three interactive jigsaws.
jiggy a fully functioning digital jigsaw with a conclusion.
JigSawed has no sense of closure.
cheat can only be completed through email.



antique gramophone

Gramophone - (web project, Flash 5) 2002
Traditional media player for computers.




Hired Hand - (programmed movie) 2004
A lot of idling with sudden bursts of activity.
• Commissioned by Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service for the front of their new Fire Stations.




free diet advice


Boil-in-the-Bag Restaurant - (web project, Flash 5) 2002
Eat out in complete privacy.




conspiracy theory

them - (web project, Flash 5) 2001
A catalogue of conspiracies.
• Featured on Boston CyberArts on-line Gallery.
• Shortlisted for the virose links award, Portugal.




machine corporation

Machine Corporation - (web project, Flash 5) 2001
Guaranteed to change your life.
• A collaboration between Dane Watkins and the writer geniwate.
• Featured in ‘inflect’ an e-journal, University of Canberra Centre for Writing.




Free clipart of flora and fauna imagery

Wildlife Icons and Pictures -
Free clipart of flora and fauna.



him - (web project, Flash 4) 2001
Interactive web movie.
• Shortlisted for the eliterature 2001 poetry awards.
• Published in Eastgate Systems Ltd Reading Room.
• Shortlisted for The Lite Show 2001, Part of Boston CyberArts 2001.





help - (web project, Flash 4) 2000
Interactive web movie.
• Published in Eastgate Systems Ltd Reading Room.
• Exhibited in the Web Racket show:
Contemporary Interactive Web Art at the DeCordova Museum, Massachusetts, 2002.